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  • Build Your Platform: How to Build Your List, Rock Social Media, & Attract The Tribe That Will Help You Amplify Your Message
  • Become A Networking God or Goddess: How To Become BFF’s & Business Partners With Your Heroes & Sheroes PLUS the Skinny on Rocking Affiliates, Masterminds, and Joint Venture Partnerships
  • Score the Book Deal & Bring Your Book to Life: How To Get The Right Agent, Score A Killer Book Deal, & Decide Between Self-Publishing, e-Publishing, and Traditional Publishing
  • Launch Your Book To The Stratosphere: How To Optimize Your Chances Of A Bestseller, Make Money During Your Launch & Help Your Message Reach The Most Readers
  • Rock The Mic: Tips For Clarifying What You Want To Say, Overcoming Stage Fright, Attracting Paid Speaking Gigs, & Selling From The Stage
  • Build your Online Empire: Market and Fill Your Teleclasses, Leave People Begging To Pay You For Your Next Offering, & Get Some Kick Ass Press
  • Monetize Your Following: Monetize Your Blog, affiliate power and get a superstar sponsorship
  • Think Platinum ¬†& Make It Happen: Get Out Of Your Own Way, Send Your Inner Mean Girl To Time Out, Eliminate Limiting, Self-Sabotaging Beliefs & Finally Bring Your Vision To Life
  • And more!

We are committed to giving you everything we have in this program designed just for Visionaries like you ready to amp up your mission in the world. 

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It gets even better! Because we are blessed with being friends and colleagues with some major hot shots in the world of books, Internet marketing and more, we created extra special power packs including interviews with peeps like:

  • Hay House’s CEO,¬†Reid Tracy
  • Internet mogul and master of continuity income,¬†Ryan Lee
  • Superstar author, speaker and teacher of¬†The Secret,¬†Lisa Nichols
  • Bestselling author and Crazy Sexy master tribe builder,¬†Kris Carr
  • Rockstar powerhouses of writing amazing book proposals,¬†Danielle LaPorte¬†and¬†Linda Sivertsen
  • And More!

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Lissa & Amy

P.S. We just know you’re going to love our red Hot Secrets Webinar…here’s that link again to access it: Go here to watch or download it.