Hello dear one,

This Module has not yet been released.  As soon as it’s available, we will send you an email announcement and then you’ll be able to access this Module at your leisure.

Here’s the schedule for when each Module will be released:

Module 1:  How to Build Your Platform

Release date – September 17th

Expert Interview – Linda Sivertsen & Danielle La Porte

Module 2:  Become a Networking God or Goddess

Release date – September 21st

Expert Interview – Jonathan Fields

Module 3:  Vision Your Book, Score the Book Deal & Bring Your Book to Life

Release date – September 28th

Expert Interview – Reid Tracey

Module 4: Launch Your Book to the Stratosphere

Release date – October 5th

Expert Interview – Arielle Ford

Module 5: Rock the Mic

Release date – October 12th

Expert Interview – Kris Carr

Module 6: Build Your Online Empire

Release date – October 19th

Expert Interview – Ryan Lee

Module 7:  The Truth About Monetizing Your Following

Release date – October 26th

Expert Interview – Alexis Neely

Module 8: Your Jumpstart Guide – Get Out of Your Own Way & Bring Your Vision to Life

Release date – November 2nd

Expert Interview – Barbara Stanny