Ignite Your Divine Purpose
An Inspiring Challenge For Visionaries
Day Four: Grow Your Platform

(Missed yesterday’s challenge? Click here¬†for Day Three)

What is one of Lissa’s biggest mistakes in the early days of her online business? The simplest, yet most powerful thing for you to have on your website? Your free gift with an opt-in box.

Now for some of you this may seem very basic, but when Lissa began her first online business years ago, OwningPink.com, she didn’t know that having a powerful, free opt in gift would allow her to tribe build in an authentic way. She went for months and months with a very small “subscribe to my blog posts” link on the bottom of her site. When she created a free healthy living inspired gift and moved it to the upper right of her site, her newsletter list quadrupled in one month.¬†

Now many of you are savvy online business owners who likely have a great gift and opt in on your website. But we want to challenge you to really look through the eyes of who you are deeply called to serve…is your free gift an¬†answer to their deepest longings?

One place to look for inspiration is at some of your favorite luminaries, mentors and teachers. What are they gifting to entice people to join their tribe? We’ve both experimented with so many different things and continue to freshen our gifts¬†up all the time, depending on what is making our hearts sing & where we are pointing our audience. Amy’s most recent free gift ¬†is a free Inner Mean Girl Quiz. People are LOVING this enlightening quiz (we always love to learn more about ourselves) and it was a great lead into the Reform Your Inner Mean Girl¬†book she co-authored. Lissa’s newest gift is her Prescription for Courage Kit (the perfect gift as she released The Fear Cure).

What does your Inner Wisdom and Inner Pilot Light feel is the right opt in gift for your tribe?

Your Day Four Challenge: 

 Create or freshen up your free gift and opt in. 

Leave a comment below and include a link out to your gift. Opt in to¬†your fellow¬†visionary’s lists¬†that resonate and allow us all to¬†expand this karass.¬†