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Do you long to become part of a powerful group of visionaries who are dedicated to healing others and themselves during this extraordinary time in the planet’s history?

Would you like to be guided, mentored, and masterminded to the next level in your visionary business?

Don’t Delay – FINAL Applications Due 4/19

Listen to Lissa, Amy & Bruce’s Call about this extraordinary program:

Dearest Heart-Centered Visionary,

If you’re like most of the people we’ve worked with one-on-one, at our retreats or through our Visionary Ignition Switch program, you probably have a strong sense that you’re here on earth at this historic time for a specific purpose. Your calling is related to helping the planet, healing others, and participating in the shift in consciousness that is currently underway. You already know, in your bones, that there’s something more for you in life, something you’ve been preparing for your whole life, and your ability to fully live out this your purpose feels increasingly urgent. Yet you may feel frustrated with the challenges you’ve faced trying to realize this purpose.

If you’re like many others who are being called to step forward in service at this remarkable time in human history, you probably share some characteristics with other like-minded visionaries.  You’re ready to come together with others and stop trying to do it alone.

We’d love to invite you to join us —for the first time— for our Visionary Ignition Mastermind program for 50 unique powerful visionaries. Would you like to:

  • Become part of a dynamic Mastermind Group of Visionaries determined to serve the world and fulfill their destiny…help define your new “EVERYBODY”
  • Find and embody the most authentic part of yourself and your calling
  • Create the foundation for a thriving business that helps others while fulfilling and sustaining you
  • Attract the tribe you’ve spent your life hoping to serve
  • Learn the art of “masterminding” with visionaries you admire?

We, Amy Ahlers and Lissa Rankin, are kindred spirits who actually met in a Mastermind Group several years ago, so we know the power of this kind of work for spiritual entrepreneurs and visionaries. And we can feel it is time for us to gather other visionaries, like you, to come together and feel supported, held and guided.

We continue to collaborate and share our experiences with each other in service to our respective business visions. We love working together so bringing this program to you seemed like a perfect new step in our collaboration and evolution. Here we are sailing a recent Maui trip, soaking in the high vibration of the whale song!


How Do You Know If You’re Ready to “Mastermind”?

The short answer is that you just know. Your Inner Wisdom and Inner Pilot Light feels lit up just reading about it.

But if you’re still unsure, try taking this little quiz to find out.

  • Do you like collaborating with others to solve challenges?
  • Are you stimulated by people whose background and experience may be different from yours?
  • Do you seek out mentors and colleagues to coach you and share their wisdom?
  • Do you have an innovative idea that might make the world a better place?
  • Do you feel called to help others heal, transform, connect, love, create, succeed, and thrive?
  • Do you have high levels of empathy and a powerful desire to lessen the suffering of people, animals, and plants?
  • Do you ever have a sense of loneliness stemming from a sense of “being different,” despite being generally social?
  • Do you feel like a highly creative person?
  • Have you had a “perfect storm” in your life that has led you to a path of service?
  • Do you have high levels of emotional sensitivity and empathy?
  • Do you have a sense of connection with particular cultures, languages, or geographic regions, especially ones that are different from your own?
  • Do you have an outgoing personality contrasting with the need for solitude?
  • Do you ever feel disoriented and confused, like your life is starting to uproot itself in order to prepare you for a new mission you’re being called towards?

If you answered “Yes!!” to at least one of these questions, chances are good that you’ll be a great fit for our Visionary Mastermind Group.

Walking this kind of Visionary path can be challenging, we can relate to the challenges as well as the triumphs, and we feel called to serve those who are in service to this same vision.

On Your Visionary Path, Do You Ever Feel Like:

  • You need the counsel and wisdom of close colleagues who have walked this path before?
  • You’re the only one who understands the struggles and limitations you feel?
  • You’re being forced into a box that feels too constricting for you?
  • You’ll never be able to accept sleazy online marketing when your business is so heart-centered?
  • You can’t find your tribe, and even though you know you’re alive now to be of service, you’re fearful you’ll end up being the world’s best-kept secret?
  • You’re a creative person, not a geek, but building a visionary business depends so much on the internet that you worry you’ll never figure it out?
  • You’re constantly overwhelmed with the volume of information coming at you so you just can’t keep up?
  • You know you have a book in you—maybe many books—but you’re just not sure how to build your business as a visionary author?
  • You’d love to get your message out there on many stages but just don’t know how to be invited to make it happen?
  • You’re feeling you really need a team to help you realize your vision, but you’re not sure how to make enough money to pay for it? Or even where to start?

 That’s What the Visionary Ignition Mastermind Program
Is All About!


We designed this unique six-month mastermind, May 2015-October 2015, to give you:

  • The opportunity to Mastermind with others who have navigated the challenges of launching an entrepreneurial visionary business so you can avoid making the same mistakes many visionaries make.
  • A way to pick the brains (and hearts) of others who can help you clarify a vision, bring the vision to life through books, blogs, public speaking, workshops, one-on-one coaching, an in-person practice, online programs, and other ways to change the world while generating revenue.
  • Transformation of your visionary business-building journey into an opportunity for emotional, personal, physical, and spiritual awakening.

You may have spent your whole life serving others, but right now, you are being called to fulfill your purpose, to do what makes your heart sing. The world needs you to bring your vision to life NOW. You are the one the world is waiting for.

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve had it with all the b.s. that has kept you getting in your own way.
  • You can’t wait to dialogue and mastermind with others who are going through similar struggles and earning small victories along the way.
  • You’re prepared to commit to a group process that is only limited by the amount of energy and commitment you put into it.
  • You’re willing to let go of limiting beliefs, victim mentality, small-self thinking, old stories, and childhood patterns so you can do what you must to become who you really are.
  • You’re willing to get uncomfortable, knowing that any discomfort is meant to wake you up and uplift you.
  • You’re finally ready to devote yourself to your own unique and authentic hero’s journey as you commit yourself to a spiritual path.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You think you’re smarter than a group of kindred spirits who want to help you.
  • Your sole goal is to satisfy all of your ego’s desires.
  • Your primary motivation for participating in the Mastermind Group is FEAR.
  • You’re not open to a spiritual approach to business development.
  • You only care about making money.
  • You’re not interested in being open and vulnerable with other visionaries.
  • You can’t tolerate major infusions of LOVE in your life—from those who are leading this program, as well as from the other visionaries who are participating (sounds crazy, but some visionaries simply can’t RECEIVE).

You have a choice about how you live the rest of your life. Your Vision depends on you stepping fully into what you’re called here to do.

If you are chosen to become one of the 50 Visionary Mastermind Group Program members, your commitment to showing up physically, mentally, energetically, and spiritually are integral to your success.

This is not for someone who does things half-assed. You’ll be asked to commit revolutionary acts of greatness—and that’s not always easy.

This Mastermind Process is a commitment, on the part of the Program Leaders and Group Members, as well as on your part. We are entering into a sacred contract together that is capable of radically changing not just your visionary business, but your whole life.

We intend to hold each other accountable so that at the end of our six months together, we can look back at where we started and say “WOW! Look at what we accomplished together!”


You know you have big work to do in this world. You know you can really make a difference in a way only you can make.

But you also know you haven’t been able to achieve it alone yet. You need help, not just from us, but Divine support—so you can blaze a trail nobody else has ever blazed in your unique way.

This Visionary Ignition Mastermind is for you only if you are READY—really ready—to step fully into the life you’re meant to create in service to the highest good, to Source, and to the people who are just waiting for you to show up and lead them to a better life.

***We will only be accepting 50 Mastermind Members ***

Here’s what to do next:

FIRST . . . please read this entire invitation so you are clear. We know it’s long, but it is important.

THEN . . . GO HERE to fill out the no-obligation application.

Qualified applicants will be notified to attend one of  our group interviews on April 20 & 21 where we will answer your questions about the program and give you the opportunity to join us.

NOTE: Applications are due midnight April 19

***Remember, We’re only accepting a MAXIMUM of 50 Mastermind Group Members ***

We know you’re really investing in RESULTS

Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:


  • Masterminding ways to monetize your vision.
  • Growing the community of people you will serve with your vision (and everything else you need to know about Twitter, Facebook, growing your newsletter list, and more).
  • Freeing yourself from whatever might be holding you back from going after your visionary dream.
  • Networking with other visionaries who may become JV partners, affiliates, and contributors to your book, blog, or teleclass programs.
  • Support for writing a book proposal, finding the right way to publish your book, and launching it into the world.
  • Public speaking tips so you can spread your message from stage.
  • Developing online/virtual programs you can leverage so you can stop trading dollars for hours and start generating passive revenue.
  • Getting out of your own way, identifying limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs, and overcoming fear, anxiety, and worry so you can step into your visionary dreams.


  • A deeper connection to your “Inner Pilot Light” and Inner Wisdom (that 100% authentic, inner healer, always-lit, never-extinguished, Divinely-guided, freak-flag-flying spark of the Divine within you).
  • Tools for tapping into co-creative energy in service to your vision.
  • Skills for noticing and interpreting Signs From the Universe.
  • The gift of surrender (being able to set goals but release attachment to outcomes and trust the process).
  • Skills for dissociating from the fears that hold you back.
  • Freedom to feel the fear and do it anyway.
  • Steps to find what makes your heart sing.
  • Peace while taking leaps of faith.
  • Meditations to help you bolster aspects of your whole health.


  • Knowledge, inspiration, and guidance that will help you give birth to whatever within you is longing to be born.
  • Free-flowing creativity that will help you write, paint, sculpt, design, sing, dance, vision, and manifest your creative aspirations.
  • Creativity-enhancing “Inner Pilot Light” practices that will open up your creative superpower.

Who’s Leading the Visionary Ignition Mastermind?

We’ve created the DREAM TEAM for you! Lissa Rankin, Amy Ahlers, and Bruce Cryer are leading this program together with big hearts, brains & spirits. We each bring something unique to the table!

Lissa’s expertise as a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, teacher, and coach combines artfully with Amy’s expertise as an online business strategist, marketer, bestselling author and coach. Bruce rounds out our team beautifully as he is not only CEO of Lissa’s company, but he brings more than 35 years of business experience in spiritually-based business as an executive, CEO, business coach, faculty member at such institutions as Stanford and Columbia Business Schools, and mentor to executives on four continents. Together, we hope to offer you not only business guidance, but also emotional and spiritual development tools that can help heal you, while supporting you as you fulfill your life’s purpose and align with your soul.


About Lissa

Lissa headshot purple 2

Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure, is a physician, speaker, founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute, and spiritual seeker. Passionate about what makes people optimally healthy and what predisposes them to illness, she is on a mission to merge science and spirituality in a way that not only facilitates the health of the individual; it also heals the collective. As she became aware of how fear dominates modern culture and how such fear predisposes us not only to unhappiness but to disease, she began researching ways to befriend fear so we can let it heal and liberate us, opening us up to greater compassion, not just for others, but for ourselves. Lissa has starred in two PBS specials and also leads spirituality workshops, both online, as well as at retreat centers like Esalen, Kripalu, and Omega. When doing what she can to sprinkle pixie dust on a fear-based culture, Lissa loves to hike, ski, and dance. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her daughter. Read her blog and learn more at LissaRankin.com.

About Amy

amy 1 ccAmy Ahlers, the Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author, is on a mission to stop women from being so darn hard on themselves. Since 2000, she has been an International Certified Success Coach, the CEO of Wake-Up Call Coaching and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin and Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin and Martha Beck. Her newest passion is supporting moms to embrace the whole truth of motherhood, messiness and magic with the Mama Truth Circle.

Amy has been a featured expert on lots of TV & radio shows, and for media outlets like ABC, FOX, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. She loves lighting up the stage at events where she wakes people up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it.   You can find her on Facebook and Twitter,  inspiring women to find the everyday sacred.

Her first book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves: Ditch your Inner Critic and Wake Up Your Inner Superstar  (New World Library, 2011), shot up to #1 in several categories on Amazon, including Self-Help, Happiness and Self-Esteem. Her next book,  Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself and Start Loving Yourself, she co-wrote with Christine Arylo and is due out in April of 2015 from Beyond Words.

A 2010 recipient of the Women Who Dare Award from Girls Inc., she holds a BA from the University of California, earned the CPCC designation from The Coaches Training Institute and is a Master Coach Equivalent. Amy is known best for her unconditional love, relentless enthusiasm, and kick ass truth telling. You can often find Amy in the San Francisco Bay Area holding hands with her husband, Rob, as they run after their firecracker daughters, Annabella and Evie Rose.

About Bruce

Bruce Cryer PhotoBruce Cryer is a seasoned business executive and consultant who has started or led a variety of spiritually based entrepreneurial organizations for more than 30 years. He was part of the founding team of the innovative HeartMath organizations, serving as CEO for 11 years. He has spoken and consulted on four continents and has been adjunct professor at the Stanford Business School, and faculty of Stanford’s Health Improvement Program since 1997. He has worked with thousands of executives and health professionals globally in dozens of leading organizations including Cisco, Dropbox, YPO, NASA, Mayo, Kaiser, Stanford, the World Bank, and Britain’s National Health Service. He is the author of the Harvard Business Review article, “Pull the Plug on Stress”, co-author of the book From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance, and has written or been interviewed in hundreds of media outlets. He is also a former actor/singer/dancer on Broadway, having performed more than 700 performances in New York in the world’s longest running musical, The Fantasticks. Bruce joined Lissa’s team in September 2014 as CEO.



The Visionary Ignition Mastermind Gold Membership

What You’ll Receive As a Visionary Ignition Mastermind GOLD Member:

  • A three day intimate Visionary Ignition Mastermind Retreat  led by Lissa, Amy and Bruce in the San Francisco Bay Area May 1st–3rd. You’ll get to connect, bond and vision with your 49 other fellow like-hearted masterminders and get lots of love from Lissa, Amy, Bruce and the team. Gain more clarity on your business & life vision, receive on the spot love coaching and mentorship from Lissa, Amy & Bruce, experience the Visionary Ignition masterminding process in person, break through your blocking beliefs, Inner Critics & gremlins, and get infused with more passion and enthusiasm for what you were born to do! (Hotel, airfare and/or transportation to San Francisco is not included.) VALUE: $2500
  • Six months of Visionary Ignition Mastermind Calls (one call/month) facilitated by Amy, Bruce and the Visionary Ignition Mastermind Team. On these calls you will mastermind with your fellow visionaries, tapping into the power of the collective. Bring your greatest challenges, celebrate your wins, receive feedback and intuitive hits and so much more! VALUE: $1500
  • Six months of Group Coaching and Q and A calls (one call/month) facilitated by Amy and Bruce where you can receive on the spot coaching, get feedback on your visionary ideas, and be guided by two visionaries who have made the leap and created millions in revenue all from heart centered programs, coaching and retreats. These calls are also recorded so you can listen to them over and over again. VALUE: $2000
  • Visionary Ignition Switch: Fire Up Your Message, Money & Meaning in the World—This 9 module program Lissa and Amy co-led is aimed at teaching you ALL the details you’ll need to grow your platform, network like a genius, publish and launch your book, rock the stage, monetize your vision with online programs, transform your one-on-one business into platinum offerings just like this one, and change your mindset so your money issues don’t get in the way of your thriving visionary business. You will have the opportunity to ask Amy & Bruce direct questions about what you learn in VIS during your monthly group coaching calls.  VALUE: $997
  • Private facilitated Mastermind Group on Facebook so you can have instant access to the collective. As a visionary you’ll no longer feel alone. Need instant feedback on a new opt in page or sales page? Have a new idea you want to run by others? Want to celebrate the launch of your new tele-class? Searching for JV partners? Post it up!  VALUE: $200



  • Payment Plan 1 (One Pay Plan):  $4,997 upon acceptance into the program. **You Save $1500**
  • Payment Plan 2 (Monthly Payment Plan): $1,997 deposit upon acceptance, followed by 5 monthly payments  of $900 on the 4th of each month, starting May 4, 2015.


The Visionary Ignition Mastermind Platinum Membership

For the visionary ready for personal one on one support, accountability, coaching and mentorship.


What You’ll Receive As a Visionary Ignition Mastermind PLATINUM Member:

Everything included in the GOLD Membership:

  • A three day intimate Visionary Ignition Mastermind Retreat  led by Lissa, Amy and Bruce in the San Francisco Bay Area May 1st–3rd. VALUE: $2500
  • Six months of Visionary Ignition Mastermind Calls (one call/month) facilitated by Amy, Bruce and the Visionary Ignition Mastermind Team. VALUE: $1500
  • Six months of Group Coaching and Q and A calls (one call/month) facilitated by Amy and Bruce. VALUE: $2000
  • Visionary Ignition Switch: Fire Up Your Message, Money & Meaning in the World—This 9 module program Lissa and Amy co-led is aimed at teaching you ALL the details you need to launch & grow your heart-centered, spiritual business. VALUE: $997
  • Private facilitated Mastermind Group on Facebook so you can have instant access to the collective. VALUE: $200


  • 11 private one on one coaching sessions with our head Visionary Ignition Coach, Melanie Bates. Melanie has served many roles in both Lissa and Amy’s lives and businesses. She was with Lissa from the ground up at OwningPink.com and LissaRankin.com, helping Lissa go from a negative cash flow to hundreds of thousands revenue . She also helped Lissa launch her NY Times Bestselling Book, Mind Over Medicine to amazing success. She also helped Lissa and Amy launch Visionary Ignition Switch from conception to full blown 6-figure brand and served as a coach and life raft to Amy & Lissa over the years. Part business manager, part coach, part shaman, she’s been with us through it all and is the PERECT business coach for our visionaries. You’ll receive one 45-minute coaching session in May following the retreat, and then go to two session/month for the reminder of the program. VALUE: $5000



  • Payment Plan 1 (One Pay Plan):  $7497 upon acceptance into the program. *You Save $1,500
  • Payment Plan 2 (Monthly Payment Plan): $1,997 deposit upon acceptance, followed by 5 monthly payments  of $1400 on the 4th of each month, starting May 4, 2015.


Yes. We know you have, and we all know how scary it can be to invest in a dream you can’t guarantee will manifest. All three of us invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into visionary businesses before they began to turn a profit.

Keep in mind that because this is a Visionary business-development Mastermind Group Program, you can expect a return on your investment that not only leads to revenue generation for your business but also teaches you the tools to continue generating revenue beyond when this program ends so your visionary business becomes a sustainable source of revenue generation. We can’t guarantee you’ll be making money by the time the program ends, but we can tell you some fabulous success stories from former clients!

If You Are Accepted into the Visionary Ignition Mastermind

Your Commitment Includes:

  • Reading this invitation letter (all the way through!), then, if your Inner Pilot Light and Inner Wisdom is saying “YES!”,  fill out our brief application!
  • If your application is accepted, attending one of the 3 group calls during which Amy and Bruce will answer any questions you may have about the program before committing.

Once accepted, your commitment includes:

  • Attending the May 1st–3rd Visionary Mastermind Workshop in the SF Bay Area.
  • Attending the Mastermind Group calls and Group Coaching Calls or listening to the recordings.
  • If you’re a Platinum member, attending all your private coaching sessions on time and prepared to fly.
  • Refraining from multi-tasking during calls.
  • Contributing in the Facebook group to keep the conversation growing while building and strengthening your personal network of supportive colleagues.
  • Being accountable for your choices and actions.
  • Being willing to take risks, try new things and stretch beyond your current experience.
  • Honoring your investment and the expectations you are making in yourself by handling any situations that may take you away from your experience, being patient with yourself and resting when necessary to periodically “catch up.”

Our Commitment To You Includes:

  • Maintaining the highest level of confidence. You can honestly tell us ANYTHING.
  • Passionately believing in you and your ability to achieve what you’ve been put on this earth here to do.
  • Showing up fully, in service to you.
  • Allowing you to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU, in all aspects of your life.
  • Holding you accountable to the wisdom and brilliance of your Inner Pilot Light, even when you may not feel the warmth of your own radiance.
  • Being in integrity and honesty at all times.
  • Holding high standards for you.
  • Being kind, patient, and loving with you and your progress so that you know you always have a safe place to express where you are and who you are.
  • Being an ally of your soul more so than your ego.
  • Knowing that, no matter what, you are whole, perfect, healed, and connected to Spirit, and that anything is possible for you, no matter how many obstacles you may anticipate.
  • Caring deeply about you, your success, your relationships, your health, and your life.

A 6-Month Commitment:

The Visionary Mastermind Group Program is a SIX MONTH commitment from May 1st–October 31st. Our Mastermind Model is a powerful process and at times, you may feel lost or confused, as if your visionary dreams are not happening or something isn’t working. This is often a sign that you are releasing obstacles and overcoming limiting beliefs, and sometimes it’s simply the Universe guiding you in an even better direction. If you find that you don’t feel happy with how things are going, we trust that you’ll be transparent, open, and honest so we can do our best to make sure you’re getting the support you need.

What does your Inner Pilot Light tell you? Can you hear the whispers from your wisdom within? Is this Visionary Mastermind Group Program opportunity right for you, your body, your mind, your heart, your soul, and your spirit?

Only you know the answer. Don’t let fear make your decisions. Trust yourself.

What Clients Are Saying

“Lissa is proof that “serendipity” is real! I found out about her Visionary Program on Twitter. With a few clicks my life changed forever. I applied, was accepted and began to actualize change all within a week of experiencing Lissa’s conspiracy of love! I highly recommend this program for anyone who is ready to make radical shifts to live a life of radical, loving service to others. I didn’t want it to end! –Vikki Johnson

“Amy’s  experience, credentials, hands on moxie (such a funny word moxie!) and intuitive guidance REALLY simplify the processes that will make an immediate difference in your business. We always hear about ‘the next level.’ Amy and her work ARE the next level.
–SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy),
Author, Artist, Succulent Wild Woman PlanetSARK.com

“Working with Lissa marked a true turning point in my career as an author and speaker. I worked with Lissa shortly after publishing my first book with Hay House, and I had just quit a lucrative job in environmental engineering. With the loving guidance and support of Lissa, I was able to come up with a solid plan for my new online business as well as align myself energetically with the work I was born to do in this world. I am ever grateful to her for her brilliance and her steadfast belief in me. Working with Lissa will definitely help you find more clarity, direction, and joy in your work.” –Erin Cox, Author, Speaker, and Business Consultant

“It is with great honor I recommend Bruce Cryer. It is my suggestion that you connect with him, work with him and experience a person who is an excellent representation of the Human Spirit. –Justin D. Leader

“Before working with Amy, I was just spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to reach more people and get my message and inspiration out into the world. It was lonely and frustrating. Now I know how to properly brand myself, how to use social media to grow my business, come up with product ideas and more. I love working with them because they teach with heart! They are real about the ups & downs of being an entrepreneur and are easy to talk to about anything.–Jody Stanislaw

“When I decided to work with Lissa it was one of those moments where my heart said you must do this thing…I  feel like I have awesome momentum. Working with Lissa is an investment, but she delivers tremendous value and my business and I have benefited far beyond the money I have spent.–Anna Garrett

“If you are considering working with Bruce Cryer my advice is — jump in!  Bruce brings a sincere, thoughtful, experienced perspective to every project and program he is involved with.  You and your people will find it a pleasure to work with Bruce.  You will find his counsel insightful, down-to-earth, and refreshingly honest ­and he delivers on his commitments.” –Byron Stock

People delivering more than they’ve promised is rare in this day and age, but to say that Amy Ahlers and Dr. Lissa Rankin did so in their Visionary Ignition Switch program would be an understatement.” –Chris Grosso

“Bruce does the kind of work that makes the world a better place . . . which is why this is a HEARTFELT recommendation!” –Roberta Baskin


Close your eyes, take a breath, and tap into the wisdom of your Inner Wisdom. Ask your Inner Pilot Light what is true for you. Be aware of The Gremlin and your Inner Critics butting in with lies like “You’re not good enough,” “You don’t deserve this,” “You can’t afford it,” “It won’t work for you,” “You’re not ready for this yet.” This is simply Fear’s way of getting in your way and keeping you from truly living out your purpose.

Trust us, we know how scary choosing to do something like this can feel. It takes courage to GO FOR IT like this. This is your chance to leap, knowing that we will be your “hang-glider,” (after all, who needs a safety net when you’ve got hang-gliders ready to lift you up if you falter?).

If your Inner Pilot Light is screaming, “YES! THIS IS WHAT I NEED!” then the next step is easy.

The next 6 months have the power to change your life forever, but only if you say YES when you sense that this is aligned for you. Are you ready?

With love and faith in your journey,


Lissa, Amy & Bruce








P.S. Please don’t delay! Applications are due midnight April 19th and we will accept only 50 visionaries into this program.