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 Ignite Your Divine Purpose
An Inspiring Challenge For Visionaries

Welcome! We are so honored you are here with with us on this soulful 7-day journey that is all about aligning your business with your divine purpose so you can claim your place as the Transformational Leader you were born to be. We want you to bring your spirituality to your business and your business to your spirituality.

Here’s how the challenge is going to work:

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Now, let’s dive in!

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For today’s first challenge we want to talk to you about one of the major themes we have in our lives AND in our businesses: Impeccable Alignment.

Day One: Impeccable Alignment


Apparently, when it was still flying, the Concorde jet went too fast for human pilots to keep up with it. One wrong move and the Concorde was way off track. So the Concorde was flown by two computers that talk to each other. One autopilot would say something like “Hey! We’re off track! Get back on course!” And the other autopilot would say, “Recalculating. Getting back on track.” Apparently, you could hear them talking to each other. They prattled on during the entire flight, yada yada yada – “Off track!” “Correcting course!”

One guy on a tour of the Concorde asked why they were constantly talking to each other. Wasn’t the Concorde ever on course? The tour guide said “Yes, about 1% of the time. The other 99% of the time, the jet veers off course, requiring constant autocorrection.” When asked what time the plane would arrive in New York by the concerned man, the tour guide said, “At 10 pm, plus or minus three minutes.” In other words, in order to arrive on time where it was destined, the Concorde didn’t have to constantly stick to the straight and narrow path. It veers left. It strays right. Nobody blames the Concorde for getting off course. There’s no shame game or guilt. The Concorde’s computers aren’t screaming at each other, “You IDIOT! You’re off course! AGAIN!”

No explanation needed. The computers simply keep making amends, auto-correcting, in order to ensure that the Concorde arrives where it must.

The same can be true for you when you’re on a visionary path, in service to a sacred purpose. When your intention is to stay in impeccable alignment with the path you’re here to serve, like the Concorde, you’re bound to veer off course. It’s only natural to get seduced off purpose. But as long as you have the intention to stay in impeccable alignment with your purpose, you won’t stray far off course because you’ll have the built in auto-correction of your soul’s compass, so you can tune into the truth of what Lissa calls your “Inner Pilot Light,” or what Amy calls your “Inner Wisdom.”

When you’re on a visionary path, in the beginning, you’re likely to be given a sort of grace period, where you can get way out of alignment with what is in your highest destiny, without any significant consequences. It’s as if the Universe knows you’re still in kindergarten, learning how to ride a bicycle, and you’re given a set of training wheels to help make it as easy as possible for you. But by the time you’re in college, the stakes get higher, because the Universe will be trying to recruit you to take your place in service to one of what you might call “God’s holy ideas.” Once you’ve been drafted into spiritual service, the Universe tends to roll out the red carpet to make it easy for you to serve these holy ideas. But at this point, if you get too far out of impeccable alignment, you’re likely to get a sort of “cosmic bitch slap,” delivered with great love and not an ounce of judgment, of course.

This isn’t meant to frighten you. It’s meant to thrill you into committing to the intention of impeccable alignment.

Once you realize that unseen forces on the other side of the veil have been waiting for your impeccable alignment so you can be trusted to fully serve out your life purpose, you’re going to have butterflies in your stomach, rightfully so, because the wildest, coolest rollercoaster of your life is about to take you for a ride straight to inner peace and deep fulfillment. Get ready for magic. GERONIMO!

So how can you tell when you’re impeccably aligned and when you’re not? There is a voice within that acts just like those two computers on the Concorde, tracking your destiny and helping you auto-correct every time you veer off course. To help you learn to discern this wise inner voice, Lissa, along with musician Karen Drucker, created the Meet Your Inner Pilot Light meditation. You can download this audio meditation below.

(* A special hat tip to Lissa’s spiritual mentor Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, who first told Lissa this story about the Concorde many years ago.)

Click here to download your Inner Pilot Light Meditation


Your Day One Challenge: 

Collect evidence of how your business is in impeccable alignment with your Divine Purpose and turn up the volume on your Inner Pilot Light.

Let us know in the comments below what your Divine Purpose and message is. What did your Inner Pilot Light reveal?