Ignite Your Divine Purpose
An Inspiring Challenge For Visionaries
Day Two: Aligned Decisions

(Missed yesterday’s challenge? Click here¬†for Day¬†One)

For today‚Äôs challenge we want to have you dive even deeper into the zone of Impeccable Alignment by learning how to make aligned decisions. Making decisions from the space of your Inner Wisdom and Inner Pilot Light is so important…especially when it comes to decisions about your business.¬†

So take a moment now and imagine a pivotal business decision that you made from your Inner Wisdom. Maybe it was a decision that seemed a bit crazy at the time. Something that went against conventional wisdom or that felt like something you did from your gut instinct. How did things turn out?

Conversely, bring into your mind a business decision that you made from a space of SHOULD or¬†OBLIGATION. A choice that led you down the path of fear with your Inner Pilot Light sending off its warning signs saying,¬†“STOP! Don’t go that way. Recalculate and get back on track.” But you ignored your own sage advice. What were the results of that decision?

So how do we tell the difference? How do we know when we are making an aligned decision? Check out the video below from Amy to discover how your body is your greatest ally.


Your Day Two Challenge: 

Use your body today to help you make a choice & only say yes if you get a FULL BODY YES!

Leave a comment below about your decision and how your body helped you decide.