Ignite Your Divine Purpose
An Inspiring Challenge For Visionaries
Day Five: Create Connection

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When we look back on our paths as visionaries, we clearly see how powerful it has been to connect with other visionaries.

For Amy, this began back in 2007 when she decided to create The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series.

Here is Amy’s story:

After going out to publishers with my┬áfirst book, Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, I┬áreceived a pile of “good” rejection letters. Good in that the editors seemed to like the concept, bad because no publisher would touch the book due to my┬ásmall platform. (I had been doing private and corporate coaching at the time and had amassed a newsletter list of about 1500 people.) I was devastated. After licking my wounds, I decided to learn all I could about how to build a platform so that I could realize my dream of becoming a published author and create a thriving online business.

So I invested in a high level internet marketing program with Internet Lifestyle Business mogul, Ryan Lee. During his course I discovered the concept of doing a summit or tele-seminar series to help grow my reach and expand my┬áplatform. I sat with the concept and asked my Inner Wisdom for guidance. On a run in the wood the words “Women Masters” came to┬áme and I knew I was going to create something special.

So I went to my bookshelf and looked at all of my favorite books and authors and made a list of my dream guests for the series including: SARK, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and more. I took a deep breath and after a big GULP I reached out on their websites, sharing my passion for their work and my vision for the series. And nearly ALL of my dream guests became a reality. My tribe grew to well over 20,000 and through a referral I got my very fist book deal.

The series truly changed my life. Connecting with luminaries I admired led me to meet Lissa, in fact! We met at Kris Carr’s book launch and then later at a gathering of luminiares and decided to create a mastermind group together. That ultimately led to us creating Visionary Ignition Switch, Find Your Calling & Visionary Igniton Mastermind.

And it all came from leaning into connection.

Your Day Five Challenge: 

Reach out and connect with┬á 2 (or more!) people you love and admire that you don’t know…yet. ┬áTell them why you admire them. Invite them to a virtual tea, a gathering at your home, or a Facebook group you’ve created about something you’re passionate about.┬á

Leave a comment below and share who you reached out to!