Ignite Your Divine Purpose
An Inspiring Challenge For Visionaries
Day Seven:Ā Receive Abundance for Your Divine Gifts

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The number one question that we receive from visionaries who are hungry to expand their platform and amplify their mission is, “How do I charge money for a spiritually based business and mission? How much should I charge?”

The topic of money and spirituality can feel very complex and, for some of you, receiving money for your services truly isn’t in alignment. Instead you’d rather work at a job that is easeful and joyful and allow your Divine Purpose to show up with no need for money exchange. Bless you.

For most of you, however, you want to create amazing livelihood for your gifts. So Amy created a special video just for you about the importance of receiving abundance.


Your Day SevenĀ Challenge:

Create an inspiringĀ offering and decide what is theĀ aligned amount of moneyĀ you’d like to receive for that offering?Ā 

Leave a comment below about your Full Body Yes offering!